About my Shorties

Welcome to my Shorty world!
Let me introduce you to this fancy, funky, sweet and wild Shorty's society!
So just take a minute and have the Shorty's experience with me!

When Shorty met Alex, Blossom, Summery, Fatty, Melie, Molly, Splashy, Babushka, Bally, Pearly, Michel, Tally, Plastic, Goldie and Raissa decide to create the Shorties Gang. Still Shorties need more, so in Shorty's Handmade you can find anything that women want, anything that needed to put that unique personal touch in your style, only in a " click " away! Experience the Shortie's World with us, enjoy!

Hope that my female miniatures and their stuff will rock your world too!
Love them the way i do!

Για παραγγελίες και πληροφορίες παρακαλώ επικοινωνήστε με προσωπικό μήνυμα στο facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shortyshandmade ή στο shortys.handmade@gmail.com.

Love ,


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