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Courage (also braveryboldnessfearlessnessmettlefortitude, or intrepidity) is the ability to confront fearpaindangeruncertainty, or intimidation"Physical courage" is courage in the face of physical pain, hardship, death, or threat of death, while "moral courage" is the ability to act rightly in the face of popular opposition, shamescandal, or discouragement.
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I think that everybody love stories, so i will try to tell you one today for a change.  Be open minded, be courageous, do not afraid to see the truth underneath.....

As humans we follow natures paths.  So what a bless when you hear from the doctor that you gonna experience the greatest of all gifts in the world, to live the ultimate love, you gonna bring a whole new life to the world, your ultimate contribution to this world......  Everything is fine and you prepare your self for a whole new state of lifestyle.  And the time has come, at last you can hold in your arms this tiny new life you have dreamed for nine months.  You can touch it, feel it, see it and finally understand that the love of your life has come to turn your life upside down!!!!

Few months later as you grown with the child you can understand that something is wrong.  You start this long lasting procedure with testings and so to find out what really is going on and finally like a knife stuck in the heart you have to face the truth....  Although as society we grown up enough, in the hearing of a person with special needs, still is a taboo, we live with the fear of the unknown, we come out of everything we have expected, our world is changing 180 degrees........  Even though we consider our selves modern and open minded deep down inside we experience a struggle, we pass through all the stages of grief, we cry, we wonder why me......  Yet still because society is more mature now we find the strength and the courage to move on.  You state your self in this new situation and you try your best.  You choose to make your child's life the goal of our life!

In every day life we have millions of tiny things that keep us alert and forcing us to try the best we can.  We try to give out our best in our work field, in personal field, to be responsible and give the best we can.  Still we want to maintain our lifestyle. Even though we have a bit more than the rest of the people ( some would say " ... what a cross you are carrying ", some may even pity you for your misfortune .... ) we are just like everyone else.  We travel , hanging out with friends, treat our self with the best, try to be at the highest point and just because some may say that we are misfortunes we do not allow them to have that impression.  The big difference is that we have a cause, a goal, we want to make the world better not just for us but for our children too.  Because we want them to experience the best, to fit in that modern yet narrow society, not to feel different.  We want them to be happy, with goals and winners!  Life goes on no matter what.  Ordinary is ordinary, special is special after all, you just have to have the courage to understand it!!!!!

Somewhere here the story ends.....  This one goes to all that parents who face this special situation and are courageous enough to teach us with their everyday fights to protect their special children, to give them all we all need, an ordinary special life!  All they need is our acceptance, our support to their fight.  Not by donating money and be kind every now and then, but by supporting them into their activities to prevent a misfortune life for their children.  All they want is to be close to them, encourage them day by day to their struggles.  My apologies on speaking in first singular, but is a story that might knock everyones door.  We have to stand by them, as we might need them.........! 

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