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Boredom is an emotional state experienced when an individual is without any work or is not interested in their surroundings.
Boredom has been defined by C. D. Fisher in terms of its central psychological processes: “an unpleasant, transient affectivestate in which the individual feels a pervasive lack of interest in and difficulty concentrating on the current activity.”
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Seems that in our days for different reasons boredom is the new problem that we feel less or more.  At first this happened because we are the generation that had everything, ready to be served at any time.  Whatever you wanted, you just had to name it and magically it happened.
Thinking back at the days we were kids listening to our parents talking about their childhood, for example, a new pair of shoes was luxury, to eat a candy was luxury, to study at a university was luxury....  Those were their motivation though, of building a whole new perspective and fight for what they wanted.  For them building a new state of life, to be ready for us, was a great accomplishment.
Because of them we, our generation, find everything ready to go.  For us, not only a new pair of shoes wasn't a luxury, but instead having all the new models that arrive every now and then was so natural.  We all had at least a pair of All Stars, a pair of Reebok Pump, a pair of L. A Gear and of course a pair of Air Jordan..... ( Jordans were something else hah? )  So simple, we just had to spell out the wish and it happened.  As growing up we all had in mind that a further education in university  was a must and out of any question.  There wasn't any chance of not having a higher education ( masters aka M.A and Phd were down on the table too ), you just had to name the place and one way or another when the time had come you were there, enjoying a prosperous student life.  No worries ever!  Everything were going by the book.  Still this comfort made us all a bit bored.  We had nothing to fight for, everything were ready for us, we enjoyed every luxury like it was normal.  We never got into thinking of how or when, everything just happened and it was normal....
Lets face it, our generation is more than lucky ( at least up to a point.... )  We had no problem finding any job afterwards, no problem to earn a very good salary for beginners ( a salary that allow us to buy the new car we always wanted, a salary that allow us to travel at least twice a year abroad, a salary that was far away from our fathers beginning back then ... )  Again it was normal, yet bored us to death!  We were so materially comfort that we got in to a state of starting to ask for more ( at least many of us .... )  And at that point of a new circle to start, baaanggggggg .......... the world started to change and turning upside down.....
So we are here today dying of boredom, not because we have everything, but for the very opposite reason of not having what we use to have.  Nowadays we are looking for just an opportunity to grab, which will allow us to dream ( yes dreaming was out of the question few years ago, everything was there ! )  Nowadays we are looking to have A job which will give us only the very necessary to live with out being helped at our 30's from our parents!  Nowadays we are bored of everything, we are out of energy and with a lack of hunger, because we are too busy looking for the essentials.  The new state of society, formally called economic crisis,  forced us to be engaged into this circle of recycling our dreams, to wonder what is gonna be, or where are we going....  Suddenly all these, use to be so normal, now are the ultimate luxury, you have to fight for and if you are lucky enough you will manage to keep up a small status that will allow you to comfort among the lucky ones, which are able at least to live from doing what they like and enjoy and not by doing any kind of job to earn the essentials, let everything fall apart because of lack of dreaming......
Sad?  Yes!  True?  Yes!  Still we are the new generation and we have to come out of our boredom and fight not to make luxury normality, but to take out all we have learned all these years, and as new clever people to built up a new era, just like our fathers did.  We are living in a world that keeps going around unstoppably, do not let boredom burry us and get comfort again with what they pass us out, just because we learn that everything is ready for us....  We were bored because we had everything and being in absolute comfort and know we are full of boredom because the world made us come out of our comfort.  So if boredom is the problem and comfort is the result,  make it happen!!!!!

p.s i was absent for quite long because of boredom, everything was a mess into my head, nothing could made me feel better, i was even out of lack of creativity.....  Yet if i need my comfort ( and why not, a new pair of vintage Air Jordan :P ) i have to stand up again and go for it!  So get ready people, new Shorty's Stuff are ready to catwalk into your life, yeaaaaaaah!!!!!

                                              Cause we love them !  The hit of the generation ....

                                                              A huge desire back then.....

                         Isn't  funny we thought just with a " pump " we were cooler ? haaaaaaaa

                                                       .......   ??????   .......    ??????? .......
Get ready!!!!



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